C2MAC is a strategic partner for the components of capital goods

We serve the industry globally with the aim of increasing the various stages of the value chain that lead from the raw material to finished parts ready to be assembled in a complex system.
C2MAC is a strategic partner that combines the best foundry technologies with mechanical machining, following a precise mission: to offer the optimal solution to achieve the customer's needs and increase the value chain.

The strength of our group is based on a union of brands recognised for their excellence in casting technologies, extensive mechanical machining expertise and people with specific know-how.

More than 700 employees who work with passion to achieve customer satisfaction.
Our brands use this new concept of service to provide innovative and competitive solutions for customers who increasingly choose a single partner to supply finished mechanical components that are ready for assembly.

Our range of technologies offers solutions for complex and precision components in the hydraulic and plumbing sectors, and sealing rings for earth moving machinery, automotive, agricultural machinery, general mechanics, pumps and gearmotors.

The support of Fondo Italiano Consolidamento e Crescita (Italian Fund for Consolidation and Growth), a majority shareholder, guarantees that the group is able to pursue its goals of structural and organisational growth.

Full value chain for us means not only full service but above all quality and specialisation.

Solutions for product and process optimisation
Castings with premium materials
Green sand and shell moulding techniques
In-house core production
Monitoring systems to meet the highest quality standards
Automated finishing for consistent and repeatable castings
Accurate mechanical machining in order to deliver finished parts that are ready for assembly
Full value chain

Why C2MAC is different from other companies:

and know-how
Customers include 
top market players

The values ​​that feed our work


We engage in structured dialogue with all our stakeholders, to build long-lasting relationships based on transparency and mutual trust.


Our technical expertise and aptitude for quality are the cornerstones of our long-term relations with customers.

Commitment to our customers

To make sure we are strategic, reliable partners, we are fully committed to meeting the required deadlines and standards.


We believe that growth should respect humankind and the environment, and be guided by the principles of corporate social responsibility.


We are committed to creating a safe, stable working environment, and to being an employer that can attract talent and bring out the best in people.

The goals that drive our project

To strengthen our position as leader in hydraulic and mechanical products and assemblies for both grey and ductile cast iron castings
Implement a strong structural investment plan
Take opportunities to merge and acquire selected high-tech operators
Seek excellence throughout the value chain, from product development to casting and mechanical machining
Via Valchiampo, 62
36050 - Montorso (VI)

P.IVA 03822240960
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