C2MAC Group acquires MECAF

C2MAC Group acquires MECAF, company specialized in machining for hydraulic components

Montorso Vicentino (VI), 4th November 2021 – C2Mac Group S.p.A. acquires Mecaf S.r.l., a company specialized in machining of hydraulic components, based in Rolo (RE). The operation allows to increase the offer of machining precision technologies, thanks to the enlargement of machinery and production capacity of Fondmatic Hydraulic Machining – C2Mac’s company focused on hydraulic machining.

With this latest acquisition (#7 in the last 3 years) C2Mac Group S.p.A. holds 8 production plants, each with its own specializations, employing over 730 people.


  • Fonderie di Montorso (Montorso Vicentino): from 1962 supplies grey iron castings of high quality for top player of different market segments, where the quality culture embraces every aspect of the production, process featured by high level of automation and advanced management systems.
  • Fondmatic Hydraulic Casting (Crevalcore): born in 1974, Fondmatic means hydraulic specialization, segment where is ranked as international top player, serving leading companies in the sector with gray and ductile iron castings.
  • Fonderia Scaranello (Rovigo): specialized in gray, ductile and high alloyed iron castings with the shell moulding technology, Scaranello stands in the market as one of leader supplier of seal rings for global OEM.
  • Fonderia Perucchini (Omegna): since 70’ is dedicated to shell moulding technology. Perucchini is considered an excellence in developing and producing high precision components.

C2Mac current casting perimeter offers an annual production capacity of 65.000 tons.


  • Scaranello Precision Seals (Rovigo): is the plant that completes the Fonderia Scaranello offering machining, finishing, lapping and assembling seal rings.
  • Nuova Torneria Zanotti (Castel S. Pietro): since 1966 is specialized in turning high precision components for hydraulic and electromechanical sectors.
  • Fondmatic Hydraulic Machining and Mecaf (Crevalcore and Rolo): both plants made an entity dedicated to machining operations for hydraulic, agriculture and construction machinery. The plants will work synergically with the foundry Fondmatic Hydraulic Casting with the aim to become an excellent benchmark in the hydraulic sector.

C2Mac current machining perimeter offers a capability of over 300.000 hours of machining operations between milling and turning.

The Group is today one of few European realities that can offer the full value chain for foundry processes and of componentry for hydraulic and precision mechanic sectors. In particular, Fondmatic campus is a unique example of hydraulic foundry capable to machine its own castings. 

I’m proud of this further acquisition” stated Dario Ivaldi, C2Mac Group Chairman “also thanks to the support of FICC Found of Fondo Italiano d’Investimento. C2MAC continues to grow and to consolidate companies that well integrates each other in the activities serving the hydraulic sector. We want to be the benchmark for those Industrial Groups looking for a reliable supplier, able to offer a service that well integrates the production chain, committing on time delivery and best assistance, through continuous technological development”.

For more information visit our web site www.c2macgroup.com or Linkedin page. 

Who is C2MAC

From Casting to Machining was chosen to highlight the Group’s growth path.

The aggregation of selected national excellence facilitates the technological development and the structural growth, offering relevant occupational opportunities. Maintaining the companies’ legacy of each consolidated factory, C2Mac Group Spa, thanks to the support of Fondo Italiano d’Investimento, will continue the aggregation of excellence entities specialized in foundry and machining operations of hydraulic components, with the aim of strengthen the international leadership.

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