Specialization, experience and technological innovation at the service of industry

Our brands offer great experience and specialisation in various market segments, and integrate the most innovative technologies throughout the production process. In addition to this, we also provide compliance with the highest quality, environmental and safety standards.

The available know-how and technologies means we can offer the most suitable casting solution for each component, in accordance with the international standards applicable to the different types of cast iron.

  • Materials: grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, high alloy cast irons and steel;
  • Green sand moulding: Two Mecfond horizontal lines and one Disamatic vertical line for castings from 1 kg to 100 kg;
  • Shell moulding: One automatic vertical line, one horizontal line, one pack line and one manual line for steel, for castings from 30 g up to 40 kg.

The total production capacity is 65,000 tons/year.
The latest generation casting plants, robotic cells for finishing castings and modern mechanical machining machinery guarantee the optimal results customers require in terms of compliance with tolerances, maximum repeatability, cycle time reduction and competitiveness.

Green sand moulding

Shell moulding

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