C2MAC Group acquires MECAF, company specialized in machining for hydraulic components

Montorso Vicentino (VI), 4th November 2021 – C2Mac Group S.p.A. acquires Mecaf S.r.l., a company specialized in machining of hydraulic components, based in Rolo (RE). The operation allows to increase the offer of machining precision technologies, thanks to the enlargement of machinery and production capacity of Fondmatic Hydraulic Machining – C2Mac’s company focused on hydraulic machining.

With this latest acquisition (#7 in the last 3 years) C2Mac Group S.p.A. holds 8 production plants, each with its own specializations, employing over 730 people.


C2Mac current casting perimeter offers an annual production capacity of 65.000 tons.


C2Mac current machining perimeter offers a capability of over 300.000 hours of machining operations between milling and turning.

The Group is today one of few European realities that can offer the full value chain for foundry processes and of componentry for hydraulic and precision mechanic sectors. In particular, Fondmatic campus is a unique example of hydraulic foundry capable to machine its own castings. 

I’m proud of this further acquisition” stated Dario Ivaldi, C2Mac Group Chairman “also thanks to the support of FICC Found of Fondo Italiano d’Investimento. C2MAC continues to grow and to consolidate companies that well integrates each other in the activities serving the hydraulic sector. We want to be the benchmark for those Industrial Groups looking for a reliable supplier, able to offer a service that well integrates the production chain, committing on time delivery and best assistance, through continuous technological development”.

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Who is C2MAC

From Casting to Machining was chosen to highlight the Group’s growth path.

The aggregation of selected national excellence facilitates the technological development and the structural growth, offering relevant occupational opportunities. Maintaining the companies’ legacy of each consolidated factory, C2Mac Group Spa, thanks to the support of Fondo Italiano d’Investimento, will continue the aggregation of excellence entities specialized in foundry and machining operations of hydraulic components, with the aim of strengthen the international leadership.

The company, majority owned by the Italian “Fondo Italiano Consolidamento e Crescita”, controls the foundry and machining activities consolidated in Fonderie di Montorso Spa

From Castings to Machining, "C2Mac": the name of the company was chosen to highlight the growth path of the Group which, starting from Fonderie di Montorso Spa with the Montorso Vicentino (VI) plant, leader in Gray Cast Iron, in 2017 it took over Fondmatic Spa with the Crevalcore (BO) plant, leader in Gray Iron and Ductile Iron dedicated to the hydraulic sector. In 2020 it acquired Fonderie Scaranello Srl with two plants in Rovigo respectively dedicated to cast iron shell molding of sealing rings and turning and finishing of the rings themselves. In 2020 it created Fondmatic Hydraulic Machining Srl in the Hub of Crevalcore (BO) specialized in precision mechanical machining of components dedicated to hydraulic. In June 2021 it took over the Perucchini Spa foundry with the Omegna (VB) plant specialized in shell molding castings of both cast iron and steel, and last July 2021 it acquired Nuova Torneria Zanotti Srl with the Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) plant, leader in the manufacturing of components dedicated to the hydraulic sector.

The Group, which with its current perimeter employs over 700 people and achieves a turnover of approximately 130 million euros, represents a virtuous example of how the aggregation of selected excellence facilitates technological development and structural growth by offering significant employment opportunities in a sector which, thanks to the massive investments in infrastructures launched by numerous states, is not expected to suffer market contractions in the coming years.

Maintaining the Brands name of each consolidated company, C2Mac Group Spa, with the support of Fondo Italiano d'Investimento, will continue the process of aggregation of companies of excellence specialized in casting processes and precision mechanical machining of components for the hydraulic sector with the goal of strengthening the leadership at the international level.

General Manager

Stefano Dametto

Sales Manager

Mauro Lerede

Fonderie di Montorso Spa acquires 100% of Nuova Torneria Zanotti and finalizes its sixth acquisition since 2017. The strategy of consolidation of Fonderie di Montorso continues, supported by Fondo Italiano Consolidamento e Crescita (FICC) of Fondo Italiano d’Investimento, that took the majority in 2019.

Founded in Bologna by the Zanotti family in 1966, Nuova Torneria Zanotti specializes in precision machining hydraulic components developed and designed in collaboration with its customers. Its modern digital control machinery are able to govern all the production phases (turning, broaching, boring, lapping, rolling and deburring). Nuova Torneria Zanotti has also a department dedicated to pre-assemblies with special equipment designed and manufactured in-house based on customer requirements and specifications.

Nuova Torneria Zanotti further complements the Montorso Group’s capabilities in mechanical machinery, of Fondmatic Hydraulic Machining, part of Evotech Srl of Castelletto Bolognese dedicated to mechanical machining of cast iron hydraulic components, taken over in December 2020.

With this sixth acquisition (Fondmatic 2017, Animisteria Fiorini 2019, Fonderia Scaranello 2020, Evotech Hydraulics 2020, Perucchini 2021) Fonderie di Montorso continues its consolidation strategy in machining components for the hydraulic sector aiming at offering its customers an increasingly complete and integrated service.

“Nuova Torneria Zanotti is an excellence in its sector” says Dario Ivaldi, Chairman of Fonderie di Montorso, “we are proud to continue consolidating our role as a leader in hydraulic and complex mechanical products where Italian companies are admired globally “.

“We continue executing the strategic plan of Fonderie di Montorso, acting as a consolidator in the sector” affirms Aldo di Bernardo, senior partner of Fondo Italiano Consolidamento e Crescita of Fondo Italiano d’Investimento. “There are many opportunities in Italy, where there are several innovative companies in the sector with a strong orientation to export”.

Fonderie di Montorso S.p.A. acquires Perucchini S.pA., leader in the production of steel and cast iron components in shell molding technology, pursuing its growth and development process. With the acquisition of Perucchini (which follows the one of Fonderia Scaranello in 2020, who uses the same molding technology), the Group further enhances its product offer and becomes European leader in the shell molding sector.

Perucchini is the fifth acquisition carried out by Fonderie di Montorso since 2017 – who first bought Fondmatic in 2017, then Fiorini Core Shop (2019), Fonderia Scaranello (2020), Evotech Hydraulics (2021) – and represents a milestone in the consolidation process of casting and machining technologies with high added value for the Group. The last four acquisitions were completed after the entrance of Fondo Italiano Consolidamento e Crescita (“FICC”) managed by Fondo Italiano d’Investimento SGR, as majority shareholder of Fonderie di Montorso in 2019.

Perucchini, headquartered in Omegna (VB) was part of Gruppo Atos S.p.A., one of the main international players in the electrohydraulic market. Andrea Carbonatto, CEO of Atos Group declared: “Fonderia Perucchini is a leader in high precision components, developed and manufactured for main players in hydraulics and automotive industries. The agreement with Fonderie di Montorso will enable Perucchini to speed up its growth and consolidation path, confirming its role as Italian excellence in mechanics and to serve even better both its Italian and International customers”. 

Dario Ivaldi, Chairman of Fonderie di Montorso Group, added: “Fonderia Perucchini, a leading shell molding foundry, completes the product offer of shell molding components of the Group, started in 2020 with the acquisition of Fonderia Scaranello, and strengthens the service offered to our clients. Thanks to Perucchini, our Group becomes one of the few European players able to offer the full value chain in the hydraulic and precision mechanics markets”.

Aldo Di Bernardo, senior partner of Fondo Italiano Consolidamento e Crescita (FICC) says: “The sector of production and machining for complex steel and cast iron components dedicated to Italian and International hydraulics is very fragmented in Italy, with a good potential for consolidation, managerialization and technological development. FICC continues the development and growth process of Fonderie di Montorso by aggregating both production and commercial capacities in terms of know-how of generations of Italian companies working in the sector, in order to compete internationally and meet both Italian and commercial demand. We are proud that a company like Atos believed in our vision and allowed us to take a leader like Perucchini in this project”.

Fonderie di Montorso Spa continues to seek opportunities aimed at strengthening our business and growth path.

Last April we purchased 100% of the shares of Fonderie Scaranello, an acquisition that allowed us to increase our product portfolio and services, thanks to the precision seal rings and shell molding technology.

Today we are proud to announce another step towards further enhancing our services. Fonderie di Montorso Spa finalized the acquisition of Evotech Hydraulics, the business unit of Evotech Srl, headquartered in Castelletto Bolognese and specialized in machining operations for hydraulic components.

This acquisition will enable Fonderie di Montorso to supply machined castings, therefore developing the service for our customers and creating important synergies and efficiencies between foundry and machine shop.

The acquisition foresees the transfer of the business unit (machinery and dedicated personnel) into a production warehouse located within the compound of the Fondmatic plant of Crevalcore, the foundry of Montorso group specialized in hydraulic castings. Due to this strong specialization in casting and machining of hydraulic components, the new machine shop will be renamed Fondmatic Hydraulic Machining.

Last Thursday, April 23, Fonderie di Montorso Spa has finalized the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Fonderia Scaranello, a company based in Rovigo specialized in the casting of gray, ductile and special iron castings with shell molding technology.

Fonderia Scaranello supplies sealing rings, both raw and finished, to OEMs of primary importance on a global level and is equipped with a department fully dedicated to mechanical machining and component finishing.

This acquisition allows to expand the technological offer and support that Fonderie di Montorso will continue to provide to its customers, strengthening its characteristics as a strategic partner.

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