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Fondmatic Hydraulic Machining and Mecaf are an integrated entity dedicated to machining operations for hydraulic, agriculture and construction equipment.
Both plants are working synergically with the foundry Fondmatic Hydraulic Casting, representing the benchmark for hydraulic solutions. Customers can therefore count on a complete service featuring a very high level of specialisation.
Fondmatic campus is the only European factory capable to machine internally its own hydraulic castings.


Specialist staff. The team has more than 40 years of experience in machining hydraulic components

Mechanical machining on CNC machining centres. Milling, deep drilling, tapping, boring, thread, reaming, perforation and lapping operations are performed on automated machines

Productivity. Vertical twin spindles, multipallet, 5-axis horizontal machining centers guarantee low cycle times

High-technology workpiece cleaning. Components are washed on an automatic vacuum system with ultrasound

Installed machines

6 STAMA MC526 COMPACT TWIN CNC vertical twin-spindle machining centres with 4axes; working range 1000x530x360 mm.
• Machining of small and medium-sized hydraulic components (for small and large batches)
• High productivity
• Great flexibility
• Quick tool changeover

20 MORI SEIKI SH63 multi-pallet horizontal machining centre with 3 and 5 axis, rotary table and 10-position multi-pallet system; working range up to 630x630x800 mm.
• Ideal for machining large hydraulic components
• High productivity and flexibility
• Able to machine up to 10 components simultaneously
• Loading and unloading while the machine is running

One KP200HMA industrial vacuum washing machine with ultrasound

3 three-dimensional measuring machine with Leitz HEXAGON GLOBAL 091208 head



0444 472888

    Via Degli Orsi 518
    Loc. Beni Comunali
    40014 Crevalcore (BO) - ITALY
    Via degli Intarsiatori Rolesi, 3 
    42047 Rolo (RE) - ITALY
    Via Valchiampo, 62
    36050 - Montorso (VI)

    P.IVA 03822240960
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    Fondmatic machining
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