Founded in 1966, Nuova Torneria Zanotti specialises in turning high precision mechanical parts for the hydraulic, electro-mechanical and plumbing industries.
The company can offer the added value that comes from the know-how of those working there, which is based on great experience passed down from generation to generation, as well as a strong tendency towards technological progress resulting in continual renewal of machinery and quality control systems.


39 numerically controlled machines with bar loaders and fixed and sliding headstocks

Turning, milling, tapping, broaching, reaming, lapping, roll forming, fettling

Special customised tooling to meet specific customer needs

Metrology lab

High specialisation in the hydraulic sector. In addition to machining hydraulic parts, there is a department dedicated to assembling hydraulic valves and components. Dedicated and multi-functional equipment, and collaboration with the customer in seeking new industrial solutions all help to shorten assembly times and bring errors to the zero risk threshold.

Different market segments

Via Campania 37
40024 Fr. Osteria Grande
Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) - ITALY
051 695 8594

    Via Valchiampo, 62
    36050 - Montorso (VI)

    P.IVA 03822240960
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