The Group companies work according to an Integrated Management System based on internationally-recognised standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 50001:2011.
Certificazione qualità iso 9001
Certificazione ambiente iso14001
certificazione sicurezza iso 45001
certificazioni energia iso 50001
We are fully committed to investing in human, material and financial resources, in order to pursue responsible development objectives for all our stakeholders.


Developing a culture of quality at every level of our organisation
Respecting the contractual requirements
Assuring conformity of the product with the agreed technical specifications
Fulfilling orders on time and in the agreed quantities
Staff training
Continuously improving products and services


Legal and contractual compliance
Commitment to guaranteeing optimal health and safety for workers
All staff working in the business and production processes are given training and guidance on how to perform their duties safely
In-house teams cooperate and work with the external providers
Prudent, well-planned management of work activities


Strict compliance with all legislation
Preparation and upgrading of a plan to reduce our environmental footprint
Use of the best available, viable technologies to reduce our environmental impact with a view to continuous improvement
Reducing the amount of waste produced; recycling has been introduced in all departments
In-house teams cooperate and work with the external providers
Information, training and guidance for staff, who are encouraged to work together to reach their objectives


Setting of energy targets and goals
Long-term planning of work, in order to improve energy performance
Effective and efficient operational controls on all plant, equipment and systems, in order to improve energy performance
Energy performance training and guidance for all staff
Periodic assessment and rating of results
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