We believe that R&D is a fundamental aspect for any future-oriented business that aims to provide high standards.
The full service we offer ranges from co-design through to mechanical processing, and is strongly supported by our R&D department, which studies how various components are used in order to identify the best processes and materials. In our constant search for new solutions, our working relationship with universities is extremely important, as it gives us the opportunity to support innovation in specific areas, and to improve quality.

Development of specific materials to meet additional performance requirements for customer components.

Collaboration with universities, on materials design and characterisation.

Co-design of complex components.

Internal 2D and 3D simulators.

Rapid prototyping.

To improve our performance and provide an increasingly efficient response to market demand, we use the lean thinking methodology. Our aim is to guarantee a steady flow of value, to ensure constant improvement according to a fully customer-oriented approach.
Through digitalisation, we are continuing to integrate new technologies into our business and data collection processes. This gives us valuable information to enable us to work on improving procedural efficiency.
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36050 - Montorso (VI)

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