SPS – Scaranello Precision Seals Tecnology

This company provides finishing and mechanical machining of components to complete the services offered by Fonderia Scaranello
In this way it reinforces its role as a strategic partner by providing customers with finished sealing rings.


Turning performed on single- and multi-spindle CNC lathes with automatic loading using gantry loaders

Heat treatment on continuous or static plants to meet custom needs

Lapping performed on Lapmaster spherical and flat lapping machines

Polishing on automatic systems with manual and robotic loading

Washing on an automatic ultrasonic system

Assembly with customer-validated premium seals



Viale Primo Maggio, 9
45100 Rovigo (RO) - ITALY
0425 474474

    Via Valchiampo, 62
    36050 - Montorso (VI)

    P.IVA 03822240960
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